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Process automaton

Microsoft's Power Platform is used to create an array of solutions from automating business processes to creating simple and complex forms to powerful dashboards that aggregate high-level information across multiple datasets.  i5 Technology Group developers and architects leverage this platform to develop highly-customized cloud solutions that pull and push data to various backend data sources like SharePoint, SQL, and Excel, all accessible via a web browser and/or mobile device


Our team of expert developers and architects develop simple to the most complex PowerApps forms to provide modern, cloud-based solutions for capturing data points.  

We redesign existing forms from legacy platforms such as InfoPath or Nintex into robust cloud solutions. 

We leverage the functions of PowerApps to expand the functionality of your SharePoint environment to provide a dynamic intranet environment for your organization.  

Power Automate

Do you still have SharePoint workflows in your environment that need to be upgraded? Are you experiencing bottlenecks in your daily business processes? We have been designing the simple to most complex workflows for more than two decades and we leverage Power Automate to develop them for your cloud environment.  Our developers have automated solutions for processing invoices, managing large events, to HR workflows for advancing personnel to leadership positions.  

Power BI

PowerBI allows us to take the data you capture through various sources, SharePoint, SQL, OneDrive, or Excel to name a few, and aggregate into a readable, dynamic, high-level reporting system.  It gives you the capability to generate ad-hoc reports or systematically generate routine reports with the click of a mouse.  Our experienced developers can program reports to automatically collect data and security trim dashboards to make data viewable only on a need-to-view basis.


Let i5 Technology Group's team of experts take your cloud environment to the next level - TODAY.  



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